Born to Go

Family, Finance, and Freedom

One Family, One Adventure

Are you looking to provide adventure for your family? It’s hard in today’s world, but that’s what being born to go is all about.

On this blog you’ll learn:

  • How we saved $1 million by age 30 and quit corporate America
  • How we plan to raise our 3 children to be globe trotters
  • How to manage finances as a nomadic family
  • And the lessons learned from our full-time RV lifestyle!


Learn how our growing family of 5 prepares for the journey of a lifetime to find meaning, momentum, and magic along the way.


Learn the hacks we used to go from broke college kids to 30 year old millionaires WITHOUT winning the lottery or getting a huge inheritance.


Because there is more to life than death and taxes.

The journey is the destination.